Who is LucidWorks and what do you do?

What happened to Lucid Imagination?

I thought open source software was free – why is there a company?

What resources do you offer and where do I find them?

Does LucidWorks work with partners?

Open Source

What is open source search?

What is a committer and why should I care about where they work?

What is LucidWorks’ relationship to Apache?

What is the difference between Lucene and Solr – do I need both?

Where do I get Lucene/Solr distributions?

How do Hadoop and Mahout fit into Lucene/Solr open source search?

Where do I get more information on open source search?


What are the different kinds of search products available today and where does LucidWorks Search fit?

Is enterprise search dead?

What products do you sell?

How do I get your products?

I’m just doing research - are there free trials available?

What is the difference between Lucene/Solr and LucidWorks Search?

What is the difference between LucidWorks Search and LucidWorks Big Data?

What do you mean by pre-integrated and certified distributions?

What kind of data can be searched – are there connectors available with LucidWorks Search?

Can I deploy LucidWorks on premise or in the cloud?


What services does LucidWorks offer?

Can I get support for Apache Lucene/Solr?

How do I contact Support?

What are your support packages?

Can I get training outside of the US?

Can my team get trained at our offices?

How do I check course availability and sign up?

Lucene Revolution

Is Lucene Revolution a corporate event?

Where and when are Lucene Revolution events held?

Is there training associated with Revolution?

Is Revolution the only place I can meet with my Search peers?

Are there any videos or presentations available from past Revolution events?


Where do I find technical information about Lucene/Solr?

Where do I find technical information about your products?

SiLK Webinar


Search MarketPlace

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