LucidWorks Search 2.9

LucidWorks Search is the industry leading offering of Apache
Lucene/Solr for commercial grade applications.

Jumpstart Your Search App

With out-of-the-box connectors to a wide range of structured and unstructured data sources, your Lucidworks Search-powered applications become the catalyst that fuels new data insights. LucidWorks offers a simple and yet powerful UI for advanced search applications, enabling field, facet and parameter configuration, query modification, index time transformations and business rules creation/management for sophisticated results refinement.

Unlock Data Unleash Insights

Unlock Data Unleash Insights

LucidWorks Entity Extraction automatically generates rich meta-data based on pre-trained models that are easily extended. Extend meta-data usage to include the ability to drive faceted search – field creations which turbocharge search driven analytics.

LucidWorks Search Clients

Deploy with Confidence

Leveraging the massive global install base of Solr and the LucidWorks platform, customers can take advantage of the most vibrant community in the search world. The world-class LucidWorks support team, made up of Solr experts across the globe, combines with the vibrant Solr community to provide a vast amount of information, recipes and help via web forms, Q&A sites, Internet Relay Chat rooms, mailing lists and tutorials.

LucidWorks Search Clients

Freedom of Open Core

LucidWorks Search extends the capability of Lucene/Solr. LucidWorks Search delivers its advanced features and extensive APIs on top of an unmodified Solr index, easily accessible through traditional Solr means.

LucidWorks Search Clients

High Performance Search and Scale

LucidWorks Search scales up to tens of billions of documents. With high-speed indexing, shared distribution and sub-second search times, LucidWorks can handle the most challenging of search problems.

Get started with LucidWorks 2.9

LucidWorks Enterprise is free for development, test integration, demo and instructional use. You can choose between Cross-Platform tar or Windows Installer.


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