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Enhance Search applications beyond simple keyword search by adding intelligence through metadata. Help classify common patterns from unstructured data/content into predefined categories.
LucidWorks Relevancy Workbench helps Solr/LWS users experiment with different search parameters to understand the impact of these changes to search results. The workbench includes intuitive, color-coded side-by-side comparisons of results for different sets of parameters – giving a “before and after” view.
Out of the box integration with Drools, the popular open-source business rules engine is now available for Solr and LucidWorks Search. The module includes pre-built samples to jump start developers for index and query time use cases.
Splunk for LucidWorks Search (LWS) allows you to monitor your LWS deployment in near real-time or look at historical monitoring data stored inside Splunk index. In addition, the app comes with an external lookup script to show how you can query something in Splunk and lookup additional field data from LWS (or Solr).
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